Saturday, November 27, 2010


Dear Boston,

This morning I gave you your usual bath and decided to heat your room up so that I could change your diaper and put your clothes back on without you getting too cold. So, I carried you swaddled up in a towel, into your bedroom, laid you down on the floor and proceeded to grab the blow dryer. It was at that moment that everything went from happy and wonderful to the scariest moment of your life (poor thing). I had the bright idea of drying you off with the dryer to help you warm up and dry out a little rash you have. This was not a good plan. The moment I turned the dryer on and aimed it at you, you were terrified. I have NEVER seen that look on your face. You stared at me in horror and then let out a cry I have never heard before (by the way the dryer was not hot, I had it on warm/cool). I immediately realized my mistake and turned the dryer off and scooped you up. You were ok the moment you were in my arms, with just a few little whimpers left to express. I then came up with a smarter idea and held you in my lap while I turned the blow dryer on and aimed it at you from a distance. This was a much better plan than me leaning over you with a loud scary thing aimed at you, while you lye naked on the floor. Oh darling, you are my firstborn and therefor (unfortunately) you are mine and Dad's "Guinea Pig". We will probably make most of our mistakes on you, but just remember it is always with the best of intentions. This reminds me of a line in the song, "Fix You" that I often sing to you,
"Tears stream down your face,I promise you I will learn from my mistakes". It's a work in progress! I love you. :)



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