Thursday, January 6, 2011

Little Turkey

Dear Boston,

I just barely put you down for your morning nap about 20 minutes ago.  You fussed for a few minutes and then were totally silent.  I assumed you were sleeping so I opened your door and peaked in at you.  Your eyes were wide open and you were looking all around the room with a big, huge, smile on your face.  Then, you looked directly at me!  You have never noticed me when I peak my head through the door before, but apparently you are much more aware of your surroundings!  I couldn't help but laugh so I opened the door, knelt by your car seat (you are sleeping in that right now because of your cold) and kissed you and laughed.  You thought this was great and started cracking up laughing, which made me laugh even harder.  For the next five minutes we had a mini laugh fest. I ended our fest with the usual, "Nigh Night baby boy....I'll see you when you wake up", walked into my bedroom and called Daddy to tell him all about your cuteness.  You are probably still awake in your room, smiling at who knows what, but now I know better than to try and get a peak! 



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