Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas pics!

 Bosty's stocking
 Our family Christmas decorations
 Me, Nana and London
Uncle Beau's graduation party
 Bosty dressed up for the occasion

 Boss and Nana

 Merry Christmas!

I love him!!
 Not sure at all what we are doing

 Papa, Bosty and Nana

 Kiks, Cassie and Chickaboom
 My brother and sister's village!
 The Jarretts
 Me and the Nursing cover.  Every niece and nephew took a peak down the top to see what was going on down there!
 Boss meeting my Dad for the first time.  Boss could not stop staring at my Dad's mustache! haha.  I have never seen that look on Boss' face before.
 Miss my Dad!
 My Dad's Harley!
 Going for a ride!
 Tatum (one of the little girls I nannied for) and Boss pooping on her lap!
 He had a fever this whole day!  My poor little sickypoo!
 Playing the Wii!  This picture has so much more meaning if you were there.  Jodi may look like she is just reading, but she was an intricate part of the game!
 Luke and Nargle!  Umm....when did they get so old?!
 My Momma and Boss
 laughing with Momma
 Talking to Momma
 Sleeping with Momma
 Baby in a stocking

 Boss and the neighbor baby Owen
Boss and his buddy...just 10 days apart!

My cute boy!

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