Friday, January 21, 2011

My Favorites

Dear Boston,

I just have to say that I feel so honored to be your Momma.  I have never had a greater responsibility in my hands and I just know that the Lord sent Daddy and I one of his most precious spirits to take care of, and we are still in awe that you chose us.  Or maybe we chose you...who knows, we probably all chose each other, but all I can say is that I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to be your Mother.

So I have compiled a list of my "favorites" with you from our last 4 months together.  May I share? 

Your stinky, sweaty little hands (trust me I never thought that would be my favorite thing about a guy I'm in love with) nonetheless, It is one of my favorite little things about you.  No matter how often I wash them, they still stink and it just reminds me how BOY you really are.  :)

Your laugh is awesome!  I spend good portions of our days making every ridiculous face, noise, and voice in attempts to just hear that laugh for a's SO worth it!

Our daily conversations.  We talk and talk and you just think it is the coolest thing ever.  You sometimes can't contain your excitement and with a huge grin you do this bashful little shoulder shrug and curl up in a ball.

Your attempts to get me to stay in the room with you at night.  I read you your story, sing you your songs and then put you in bed.  As I leave, you stick your chin out and let out your little, "hey! Mom!  Where you going?" noise and about half the time (although I know I shouldn't) I let you reel me in for one more kiss. 

I love how you track me or Daddy.  Which ever one of us that you seem to be interested in at the moment, you will not let us out of your sight.  You track us at all costs, even if it means arching your back and looking at us upside down.  I love it.

You are learning how to do more kisses and less licks...this is a good thing.  :)

You love standing up while I hold your hands and you get this really proud look on your face and you always without fail look around the room for Daddy.  You don't really care what Mom thinks of this awesome just want to know that you're making Daddy proud. 

I love listening to you and Daddy read together. 

This week you have really discovered your voice and Daddy and I have had many moments where we sit, listening to the monitor just cracking up, because your vocal range is so much fun to listen to!

Well, those are my favorites with you as of recently.  Should I mention my not so favorites?  You have been a little turkey with sleeping lately and you are not doing so hot with nursing either.  Let's get these things figured out Buddy.  But in the mean time just keep up your general cuteness and I think we will be just fine.  :)



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