Friday, January 28, 2011

Partying together

Dear Boston,

Every night Daddy and I put you to bed and then we hang out watching movies, talking, playing games, etc...  Last night we did the same as always.  We put you to bed and then went to our bedroom (right next to yours) and talked and talked.  We started laughing and we were a little loud.   The next thing we heard was You cracking up laughing over the monitor! haha!  I guess you just thought you were part of the party.  Daddy and I ran in your room and you were wide awake, smiling, laughing and grabbing your little feet (that's your thing right now).  So of course we picked you up and played with you for a little while and then put you back down. 

That will by FAR be one of my favorite memories with you and Daddy ever.  It was one of those, "Life does not get better than this moments". 

 I love you so much...thanks for all the laughs



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