Friday, January 18, 2013

I love you

Dear Boston,

We have many conversations every day, some good, some bad.  We talk a lot about owies and brother and silly things like monkeys and stinky feet.  A lot of our conversations are about why we don't hit brother, time- outs, and time-out buzzers.  Quite a few, "I'm sorry" conversations get passed around throughout the day, from you to brother, me to you and you back to me, (we're a remorseful little bunch).  With thousands of words being tossed around every day I wonder what sticks with you at the end of it all.  I know what I want you to remember.  If only one thing sticks with you at the end of the day I want you to remember how loved and lovable you are.

Just to make sure you remember this every day I take a moment to let you know.  I get down to your level, take your hand and say,

"Boston, look at Momma".  You look up at me with apprehension, not sure if I'm about to do something really silly, or if you're in trouble again.   When I have your attention I say,

"You are such a sweet boy.  Do you know that?  You are a good boy.  You are a good brother and a good son.  I have so much fun with you and I love you so much.  Heavenly Father loves you too.  Do you know that?  Thank you for being my buddy.  You are the best".

As I say these lines, you tilt your head to your shoulder and a sheepish, silly little grin covers your whole face.  You repeat some of your favorite lines.

"Nice.  Good. Brother.  Love you".

I then have a very similar conversation with brother.  I don't think he knows what I'm saying, but just like you he smiles with an uncontrollable grin and probably thinks something like,

"aahhh, that thing I love so much is making so many nice sounds", Daddy and I have determined we're just thing 1 and thing 2, to our kiddos for the first little while.

So Boss if this letter finds you when your 15, 24, or 85 remember that I still love you.  You're still a good boy.  And your Heavenly Father still loves you too.



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