Saturday, May 28, 2016

Letter to Isaac

Hey Dude,

You are 3 years old and sometime I feel like you're about 12.  There's no chub left on you!  You're just all big boy now, with your cute Zekey voice and buzzed hair and long legs.  Somehow you've never stopped being my baby.  Maybe it's because you hold that position dear, or maybe it's because you're my baby boy, but you and I still eat up our cuddle time together and you looove to be babied.  You're also becoming such a big boy by being a bigger helper around the house, helping with the sisters, and being so very gentle and sweet with them.

Dad and I love this stage with you.  It might be your cutest yet.  You say the funniest things and we LOVE getting glimpses into your little mind.  I love your confidence.  The other day we walked into a building and you introduced our entire group to the first man we met. And I don't know if I would call this a skill but you're a great little liar.  You have no qualms about it.   I also love that you know your needs and take time for yourself, to play at your own pace, making up your own rules.  The quickest way to your heart is still asking you to cuddle up and read a book together.

You're a charmer Zeke.  People kinda fall head over heals for ya, there's just something about you. :)

We love you so much Zekeybooo!

Love,  Momma

PS:  Just now you walked up to me and I told you I was writing this letter.  You just said,

"Does it say, naughty Isaac spilt all the noodles?"  and I said, "No.  Did you spill all the noodles?"
You said, yes.  Hmm....

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