Saturday, May 28, 2016

Letter to Remington

Dear, sweet Remi,

You are 16 months baby girl and you just get cuter, with crazier hair every day.  I have a little joke that you and your sister often look like two disheveled little librarians because your hair is WILD and you're always walking around with a book in hand.  You're so much fun Remi.  I love the way you walk right into new situations and start having fun.  Your belly laugh is still my favorite, but more recently i've noticed this subtle, soft smile that just melts my heart.  I love how you sometimes walk sideways  to make sure you clear doorways that could fit about 8 Remi's,  I'm still your #1 girl, so I get your best hugs, loves and excitement.  You still are nice and loud about telling me your needs, but I've also seen a very patient side to you.  When Rowan takes a toy, or somethings not quite working out, you adapt and move on.  Your brothers are your favorites and you get very excited to see them in the mornings.  Daddy and I are still trying to remember how different boys and girls are and we work really hard not to hurt your sweet little feelings.  :)

We just adore you Rem.  You're just a squishy, sweet little love.  Never change.

Love,  Momma

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